I found this photo from July 1969, simply identified as “Nancy and the kids.” I have so many questions about this moment in time:

What kind of free-spirited person was Nancy, that she felt comfortable wearing a sheer blouse, trimmed in multi-colored rick-rack, with a bullet bra?

Where did she get those amazing slacks, and is she wearing heels with that outfit?

Nancy looks pretty comfortable drinking a can of Miller while her kids have ice cream.

Where did the man in the left background get that hat?

What is on his roll of Super-8 film?

The lady in the background who is looking at the camera has on a wild print. Did she feel ‘hip’ when she bought that?

Where was this taken?

Was this before or after the Apollo 11 landing?

Nancy has on a wedding ring - did she marry more than once?

Somebody please write a short story about this photo!